ZimConserve is a Zimbabwean registered Christian Non-Governmental Organization (PVO 31/12). Its values are firmly rooted in humanitarian work,using permaculture as a vehicle to ensure food security and health concerns are catered for all for the well being of disadvantaged communities nationwide. It is manned by a board of trustees of dedicated volunteers sharing a common vision. A project coordinator is elected for each of the country's ten provinces to coordinate and promote the advocacy of the organization's values and programs. ZimConserve is a not-for-profit entity.


ZimConserve was conceived in the year 2012 as an answer to hunger and poverty issues that had spiked due to unsustainable agricultural practices rampant among the disadvantaged largely rural communities that as it were,impacting negatively upon the environment as well.

A brainchild of myself Gabriel Mutongi- the Founding Director and my contemporaries who banded together for the noble cause.Since then, we have formally registered as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization and have been carrying tremendous work in and around Harare and Mashonaland East province, Zimbabwe with remarkable results. Presently we are fixated on a proposed permaculture centre to be established at Seke rural. As an organization, we decided on promoting sustainable permaculture in that it promotes organic manure and natural pesticides and herbicides, making it far cheaper for the ordinary farmer, besides it being compatible with the natural ecosystem unlike the synthetic counterpart

As ZimConserve, we are holistically involved in the training of farmers, schools,churches and organizations alike about the virtues of permaculture which is arguably the most sustainable farming model to date. This is done through extension interaction with target farmers, schools, churches and organizations alike on their land and via outreach training workshops we conduct regularly. Besides theory we also demonstrate practically how to set up water, agriculture, solar and health projects.

Mission Statement

ZimConserve (PVO 31/12) exists to increase food security, alleviate poverty and the conservation of the natural environment and related health concerns with particular focus on the young and vulnerable members of the society.

This mission is made possible through innovative permaculture projects and the dispensation of medical drugs in partnerships with schools, churches, clinics, companies, government agencies and like-minded organizations.

Our Vision

To achieve these specific United Nations Sustainable Development goals:No poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, Clean water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy and Climate action, with permaculture as the vehicle.

Water Projects

Persistent droughts over the years, demands that reliable sources of potable water-boreholes-be sunk to alleviate water shortages, as the water tables get deeper for the common deep well. This is where we come in to aid and abet the affected communities with both material and requisite expertise to do with surveying(property), drilling and setting up of the complete borehole fitted with the solar panels, where electric power is not available. Besides, we also encourage the laying of rainwater catchment infrastructure to harvest whatever little amount of rain water come their way. These includes the gutters (steel)on roofs and tanks for storage.


We promote permaculture activities such as permaculture vegetable and herbal gardens, bee keeping(apiculture), mushroom farming, greenhouses, vermicomposting(vermiculture) and agroforestry as a sustainable alternative farming method-through intensive and extensive training workshops and outreach programs in all identified needy areas.

We also encourage and exhort farmers to practice fish farming (aquaculture), aquaponics and animal husbandry beginning from such smaller livestock as poultry, rabbits, pigs,sheep and goats up to even cattle. All this is meant for their nutrition and income- generation needs. All these programs or projects are closely monitored by dedicated volunteers sharing a common vision.

Solar Projects

Solar power is clean energy, being hailed the world over as the best way to go, in view of the fast depleting ozone layer and global warming leading to climate change. We advocate for solar use in our day to day lives to this end. To create efficiency in this regard,we engage reputable solar firms and organizations in partnerships to bring this sustainable, clean and renewable source of power to communities not only those far from the electric power grid, but to converts as well. Solar energy is cheap, as once the infrastructure is in place, worries and headaches about escalating, skyrocketing monthly electricity bills ceases to exist. In a nutshell it is by far, the most economic, cost effective method to access power.


To complement our efforts overly towards the total well-being of communities, we go on further through the dispensation of critical medical drugs to the young and vulnerable in remotest parts of the country, where access to medical facilities are hard to come by.

We also appreciate effective waste management techniques, hence we teach communities about how best to create and employ biogas digesters and fuel efficient cook stoves (rocket stoves)at community and household level. These innovations are less toxic and are proven to reduce substantially carbon emissions thereby arresting global warming demons.

Community Engagement

Since our work is centrally community based, in other words humanitarian work,it is critical that we engage and interact with them to bring our objectives to fruition. Key results areas remain firmly ushering sustainable livelihoods that sits well with our God-given natural environment for the total good if not better for everyone else.